Snow Tubing

Your January 18-2020 Itinerary 

Thank you for booking this trip. Here is your itinerary:

9.30 am  Meet us at 90 University Private, Ottawa, K1N 6N5. This is a residence building on the University of Ottawa campus [See our map below]. The Ottawa Residences Building is right in front of a big parking lot where our bus will pick us up. Here you will have a chance to gather and get to know your fellow travellers before we set out.

9:45 am The bus departs at 9:45 am sharp. Don’t be late, we will not be able to wait for you and we do not want you to miss this awesome trip.

10:20 am Arrive to the park Le Domaine d L'Ange Gardien parkYour guide will provide you with your tickets and you will be ready to go! Head towards the Snow Tubing section of the resort and start having fun!

There are 8 different runs for snow tubing ranging from 'Piece of Cake' (a.k.a: easy)  to AHHH!!!!' (a.k.a: not so easy). 



After you have made it down a couple of times on your own try the following:

- Go down linked to a friend... or many!

- Start your descent going backwards! It changes your whole perspective

- Form some teams and race down the hill!

12:30 pm We suggest breaking for lunch at this time. We will gather at the main cafeteria. Buy some food or eat what you brought. This is a good time to warm up and get to know some of your fellow travellers better. 

1:30 pm With our energies replenished we will head out again and continue to have FUN.

Also available: 

Want to take a break from tubing?  

-  How about a walk in the cleared paths of the nearby forest?

- This tubing resort also has a sugar shack, where they make maple taffy . Upon group request they can arrange for a maple taffy tasting. This is a type of candy made from maple syrup and snow! The tasting includes an explanation on how to make it and the candy. It costs $3 CAD per stick. 

3:30 pm Depart for Ottawa and say good bye to Le Domaine de l'Ange Gardien


4:10 pm Arrive at 90 University in Ottawa


What To Bring: WINTER CLOTHING is a MUST(Wear layers, warm sweaters, hats, gloves, scarfs, winter boots), we highly recommend you bring "water-proof" or "snow" pants as you are going to be playing on the snow all day. If you don't have snow pants you may want to bring a spare pair of pants.

It might be wise to purchase "hand warmers" to put inside your gloves.

Don't forget your camera, snacks and water for the bus ride. You are allowed to bring your lunch as well.

See you on Saturday January 18!

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