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Itinerary for September 17, 2016

 Quebec for Carnival

Your February 07, 2020 Itinerary


You have made a great purchase! Ready to have loads of fun? 


What to do before you come to Quebec: 


We have created a What's app group for all members attending the trip. Please  download the app if you don't have it and join this group:

It is important to stay in touch while traveling; especially if there are any last minute changes to be announced by your guides, you become separated from the group or are going to be late for a rendezvous.

This what's app group will also be good for anyone in the trip to share photos, let others know of cool spots you've come across while exploring, restaurants recommendations and pretty much anything we want. 


Hi Quebec. Auberge Internationale de Quebec. 19 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Quebec, G1R 4E1

Phone: +1 (418) 694-0755


In North America is customary to give a little something to the driver and Guides for their good service as a token of appreciation. This is totally OPTIONAL. We propose to give $5 at the end of the trip. If you think you got good service please make your contribution to any of your Guides at the end of the trip. 


  • Your camera 

  • Water bottle

  • Good winter boots

  • Layers of winter clothing. You will be spending large amounts of time outdoors, therefore make sure you stay warm at all times. Winter jackets, heavy socks, scarfs, hats, gloves are highly recommended. Bring a pair of snow pants as well as there will be snow tubing and other amazing activities in the snow. It is also recommended you buy hand and toe warmers to put inside your gloves and boots.

  • The hostel will provide linens and towels, but you should bring your own toiletries 

  • Your own lock

  • Bathing suit for Snow bathing or outdoor hot tub (Optional)

  • Your lunch for the bus ride to Quebec and snacks


During your trip toQuebec City, Round Tours will challenge you to capture unforgettable moments. But wait, these aren’t your typical scenic shots of the sunset overlooking the Chateau Frontenac, we’re asking you take funny, unpredictable, one-of-a-kind pictures that will make this trip all the more memorable…and we’re turning it into a contest!


Some simple rules to follow:

-Follow RoundTours on IG

-Post your Instagram pictures in real time (We will provide you with a list of challenges you should accomplish)

-Tag @RoundTours in every picture you post

-Use #RTQuebec  and #RTPhotoContest for every picture you post

-Capture as many moments as you can (minimum of 5)

            -Contest begins in the bus and ends before getting back in the bus for departure


The Round Tours traveler with the most likes on ONE of their photos will win a prize.


The list of challenges will be given to you in the bus on the way to Quebec City


The winner and prize will be announced in the bus on the way back to Ottawa. Make sure you don’t miss departure time!


GOOD LUCK and remember, HAVE FUN!



There will be two pick up spots. Choose the one that is most convenient for you and remember to be there on time as we won't be able to wait for you.

University of Ottawa

11.15 am- Meet us at 90 University Private, Ottawa, K1N 6N5. This is a University residence building on the University of Ottawa campus. The building is right in front of a big parking lot where our bus will pick us up.The bus will leave at 11.30 am so make sure you are there on time.

Carleton University

12.00 pm The bus will arrive at Carleton University's Leeds  House around 12.00 pm.  Make sure you are at the departure location on time. The bus will leave for Quebec City at 12.15 pm. 

5 pm Arrival to Auberge Internacional de Quebec. You will be provided with keys to your room and the Carnival pass to enjoy everything this festival has to offer.  Take a break, freshen up and maybe enjoy a beer at the hostel's bar during their happy hour.

6.40 pm Meet your guides at the lobby and let's go for dinner. We've made reservations for the group. This is a great opportunity to meet other fellow travellers and make new friends.

8 pm There is a long list of activities happening tonight.   We recommended the following:

8-11.30 PM      - Pepsi Hip hop party at the Ice Castle. 

9-11 PM           - Concert: Frank and PO

5- 11 PM          - Chop Chop Competition

5-11 PM           - Axe Throwing

5-11 PM           - Christie Descent

For the full list of activities check this link:


7- 9.30 am Breakfast time. Head to the kitchen- dining area and enjoy complimentary breakfast. 


9.30 am Meet at the lobby to start the day with a 2h walking tour guided by our charismatic local guide.


11.30 am  Time to head to the Carnival grounds. There are many activities to enjoy. From Ax throwing, to snow tubing, to ice and snow sculptures, ice skating and so much more.  Stay with the group or set out on your own or with your friends and explore all that carnival has to offer. 


Here is a list of cool stuff to do:

1.30- 3 PM             - Winter wresteling

10 AM to 11 PM   -  Axe Throwing

2.30-3 PM              - Pictures with Bonhomme (Let's get a group pic with Bonhome!)

Check with your guides for group activities and  meeting places and times.  

[6.45 pm Optional] We will meet again at 6.45 PM at the hostel's lobby to head to the parade. This is one of the highlights of Carnival with continuous electro and rock music, colorful lights, circus feats, stunning dance numbers and impressive roving performances. Join the fun in an electrifying atmosphere for a very magical experience!

Even nowadays, Bonhomme spreads magic everywhere he goes. After all, isn't he a little bit magical himself?

The Parade take place on Grande Allée from Avenue des Érables to Honoré-Mercier.

[9-11 pm Optional]  HIGH 5 concert! A top 40 band of five, HIGH 5 Coverband will get you singing and dancing all night long thanks to their energetic interpretations of songs ranging from 60's hits to today's best music. They can please any crowd with their varied and versatile repertoire, which notably features Bruno Mars, DNCE, Sia, Major Lazer, Justin Timberlake, Bryan Adams, Michaels Jackson, AC/DC and many more.

HIGH 5 Coverband has been performing all over Quebec since 2012, lighting up the stage at festivals, conventions, corporate events, office parties, weddings and more.


[11.00 pm Optional] Have some energy left? Let's go dancing to one of Quebec City's famous night clubs! Details to be announced by your guide via What's app group.


7- 9.30 am Breakfast time. Head to the kitchen- dining area and enjoy complimentary breakfast. 


9.30 am Meet at the lobby of our hotel with all bags ready to check out of our hotel. After checking out, put your belongings in a secured room of the hostel and start your day. Today is our last day in Quebec and you will have lots of free time to explore the city and go to some other carnival activities. 

[1.00 pm OPTIONAL ] Meet your guides by the Samuel Champlain statue (in front of the Chateau Frontenac) to head down to lower town and check out one of the craziest races in the world. Athletes face the ice! Dozens of teams square off over the frozen waters of the St. Lawrence River, competing in one of four classes: Elite Men's, Elite Women's, Competitive and Sport. Let's encourage dozens of fearless athletes and witness their spectacular performances! Don’t miss the western-themed Tailgate and its country music, the best way to kick off a day of canoe racing.


3.30-3.45 pm At this time you should be back at the hostel. We will collect our bags from the secured room and board the bus. We will depart for Ottawa at 4 pm. The bus will make one stop along the way for food and to stretch our legs.

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