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CETIP and TTPP Programs. Summer 2017

Two weekends - Four amazing Day Trips

The School of Translation and Interpretation has included the following cultural experiences as part of your programs

Upper Canada Village: Canada in the 1800s

Life in Canada in the 1800s was not easy. Early settlers had to be resourceful to find ways to clear the land, grow their crops and stay warm throughout the long winter months. It is fascinating to learn about their everyday life, their traditions and how they overcame the great obstacles before them.

Upper Canada Village is a town stuck in time. While the world rushes on outside its boundaries, the residents here enjoy the slower pace of a bygone era. Actors in costumes narrate their lives, allowing time for questions and tastings.

Omega Park, Canada in the WILD

Canada is known for its vast landscapes and majestic wildlife. This is your chance to experience it all in one safe place. We show you the forest, the mountain, the lake, the prairie and the boreal region and their furry inhabitants: see elk, bison, foxes, wolves, bears, moose, turkeys, racoons, coyote, reindeer and many many more. You get so close to these animals you can touch them!

After lunch, take a tractor wagon ride to see a fun historic Canadian farm, and visit the domesticated farm animals: horses, sheep, goats and pigs.

Mont Tremblant, Best of Laurentian Mountains

The Laurentians are an impressive mountain range in southern Quebec. Nestled throughout the area, are some of the most beautiful towns to visit and breathtaking views to take in.

The town of Mt Tremblant is a pedestrian town that attracts outdoor enthusiasts with its impeccable skiing in the winter, and endless hiking trails and mountain biking in the summer. No cars or buses allowed in this city, allowing for an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Our tour brings us through the village and all the way up the mountain (875 meters), by gondola of course!

1000 islands cruise

Today we travel on the great St. Lawrence river.  Connecting Canada's great lakes with the the atlantic ocean, the river traverses the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and is also the international border between Canada and the United States.


We begin our trip at the beautiful harbour of Rockport, where we board our ship for a tour of the thousand islands region. The views are breathtaking, and the architectural marvels that have been constructed on the islands are a sight to be seen.


After our boat ride, we continue to the picturesque town of Brockville known as "the city of the 1000 islands" and is one of the oldest communities. You will be amazed by how close the United States is!

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Guided Tours

Our excellent and knowledgeable guides will make your trip fun and safe. We know the BEST places in the region!


We always travel in STYLE!

We'll take you to the wonderful places you want to discover in the bus that Canadians love and trust.


Tours, entrance tickets and museum passes are also included as described in the trip's itinerary!

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