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Itinerary for September 17, 2016

Thousand Islands and Brockville

Detailed Itinerary

Here is your itinerary:

Gaze at stunning vistas from the 1000 Islands region: a half-submerged ancient mountain range that appears above the St. Lawrence river’s surface as a winding archipelago of islands of vastly different sizes.

Discover how massive movements of the Earth’s crust formed the region’s unique landscapes.


The Thousand Islands have been welcoming visitors for more than a century. There are castles, mansions, yachts and lighthouses to admire while on our boat cruise of this unique area.  

Departure Information:

Ottawa University: 7.20 AM.  Meet us at 90 University Private, Ottawa, K1N 6N5. This is a residence building on the University of Ottawa campus [See our map below]. The Ottawa Residences Building is right in front of a big parking lot where our bus will pick us up. Here you will have a chance to gather and get to know your fellow travellers before we set out.

Around 10.30 AM we will arrive at the beautiful harbor of Rockport, where we board our ship for a tour of the thousand islands region. The views are breathtaking, and the architectural marvels that have been constructed on the islands are a sight to be seen. In this region the boundary between the US and Canada is blurry. There are American islands and Canadian islands and then there are islands that belong to both countries. 

After the boat ride we will head towards the town of Brockville, also called 'The Jewel of the St Lawrence' or 'The City of the 1000 Islands'. This town is one of the oldest communities in the area and its quaint and rich downtown is easy to walk and discover. 

We will have lunch here. You can either join us at the reserved restaurant or bring your own lunch and have it on a park, picnic style. The choice is yours!

In the afternoon we will lead a walk around town to discover this beautiful town. 

We will return to Ottawa at 4.30 PM.




For your feet: Good walking shoes

For your body: Dress appropriately for the weather. Come with a rain jacket or umbrella depending on the weather forecast

For your skin:  sunscreen

For fun: Your camera, water bottle and your adventurous spirit!


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