Why should you go to New York City

New York. Concrete jungle where dreams are made, the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple. Traversing New York City is like finding over 100 different countries fit into one small island, 13 miles long and two miles wide. Including all five boroughs, this city of 8.2 million people has such a wealth of diversity and opportunity that whatever you’re in the mood for you can find it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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New York City has seen her share of hard times such as the 1863 draft riots, the fall of the stock exchange in 1929 and, most recently, the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Yet the city continues to grow and survive, a testament to the strength and tenacity of the people.

New York City is constantly reinventing herself and a visit here will ensure a distinctly unique experience each and every time. Even locals can’t keep on top of everything that the city has to offer.

If there’s one thing that doesn’t change about New York neighbourhoods, its that they’re always changing. What is true now may not be in years to come, but for the time being the below guide to New York’s neighbourhoods will give you a good idea as a visitor to the city to know: where to go, why, when, and what to do when you’re there!

Neighborhood Guide

There’s a neighbourhood that suits every personality in NYC. One minute you can be basking in the sunshine as you stroll along The High line, next minute you’ll be back in the hustle and bustle of the grungy and happening Meatpacking District. Nowhere is more prone to pedestrian traffic than Times Square, but just a short walk away you’ll find peace and serenity in the much-larger-than-you’ll-anticipate Central Park. Brooklyn has had the most impressive revival, with the most change seen in Williamsburg, an artists’ area filled with creative people who make their daily commute to Manhattan to disperse their creativity on an otherwise concrete jungle.

So, where should you go? What should you do?

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It’s no secret that New York City is a global mecca for shopping— as the fashion capital of the United States, it offers such a wide variety of stores you can easily spend entire days swiping your credit card.

You could spend a full year eating out every night and still never try all of the great food that New York City has to offer. There’s never been a better time to dine in New York. The city has become a hotbed of seasonal and locally sourced cuisine – with restaurants growing vegetables on roof gardens or their own upstate farms, sourcing meats and seafood from sustainable outfits nearby, and embracing artisanal everything – from coffee roasting and whiskey distilling to chocolate- and cheese-making.

Bars have also taken creativity to new heights, with pre-Prohibition-era cocktails served alongside delectable small plates. Indeed gastropubs are some of the most creative places to get a meal these days.

Of course you can also hit the gourmet food-truck scene or dine more traditionally at one of NYC’s 20,000-plus sit-down restaurants.

So, to answer the questions...where should you go? What should you do?

It depends on YOU! On what you like and how adventurous you want to be. One thing is true, whatever you are into, you are sure to have a great time in New York City!

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