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A Game of Challenges!                        

How amazing do you dare to be?  

Participate and make your trip fun and entertaining! There are prizes for the winning team each day 

Create a team of up to 5 people
Take photo or video proof of each challenge
Send pics/ video to our What's App group
The team that collects most point will be declared the winner of the day!

Everything must be uploaded by 11 PM each day

Friday Challenges

Points for      Pic     Video

1- Group hug to an M&M mascot

2- Group jump in Times Square

3- I can’t believe I am in NYC!!

4- Pretend you are driving a NYC taxi

5- High five a NYC cop

100      200

200      400

200      400

300      600

300      600

Saturday Challenges

Points for      Pic      Video

1- Best team shot with a view of NYC (top of the rock or other high-rise)

2- Make it rain on 5th Ave

3- Sing New York New York on 5th Av

4- Dance moves in Grand Central

5- I am a ‘Scholar’ at the NYC public

100       200

200       400

---          600

---          600

200       400

Sunday Challenges

Points for      Pic      Video

1- Group shot at the Brooklyn bridge

2- Best ‘I love Round Tours’ sign (with Manhattan in the background )

3- Pretend you are the Statue of Liberty

4- Grab the balls of the Wall St Bull

5- Group shot wearing NYC t-shirts

(in Chinatown)      

100        200

300        500

200        400

200        400

200        400    

Good luck and have fun! 

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