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Itinerary for September 17, 2016

 Mont Tremblant

Itinerary 2017

Here is your itinerary:


8:10 am  Meet us at 90 University Private, Ottawa, K1N 6N5. This is a residence building on the University of Ottawa campus [See our map below]. The Ottawa Residences Building is right in front of a big parking lot where our bus will pick us up. Here you will have a chance to gather and get to know your fellow travellers before we set out.

8:30 am The bus departs at 8:30 am sharp. Don’t be late, we will not be able to wait for you and we do not want you to miss the trip.

10:30 am Arrive at Mont Tremblant info centre. Enjoy this delightful pedestrian town, stroll through the cobblestone streets and breathe the clean mountain air. Group challenges begin at this time! 

You have 1h 15min to explore either on your own or with our Fuel Team. There are plenty of shops and places to see as well as fun activities you can do on your own. hint hint: Luge time!!!

Check our "Extra Activities" section below to familiarize yourself with the town and the many extra activities you can enjoy


11:45 am Meet at the top of the village, by the cable cars (Panoramic Gondola). At this time you will be provided with tickets to board the Gondola. Catch this cable car and soar through the air, enjoying the 360 degree views of the mountains, the lakes and the town of Mont Tremblant.


Noon Arrive at the top of the mountain. Here we will gather for an awesome Group Photo with spectacular views. Later we'll head to Le Grand Manitou Cafeteria. Choose between three menu items and savor your meal while taking in the breathtaking views. 


Option 1. 1:00 pm After lunch, join us for a nature walk at the top of the mountain. This is an easy trail suitable for beginner walkers as well as more experienced hikers. The nature walk will take approximately 45 minutes and will give you wonderful photo opportunities.


Option 2. 1:00pm If you choose not to join the nature walk, feel free to head back down to the town of Mont Tremblant, by gondola. There are many activities you can do in town: mini golf, luge, zip line, rock climbing or you can simply enjoy the town, do some shopping and relax.

Again, check our "Extra Activities" section below to familiarize yourself with the town and the many extra activities you can enjoy


3:45 pm Meet at the Mont Tremblant Info Centre. Here is your opportunity to use the restrooms before we depart for Ottawa.


4:00pm Board the bus and leave Mont Tremblant


6:00 pm Arrive at 90 University in Ottawa


What To Bring: Your camera, water bottles, good walking shoes, some warm clothing and your adventurous spirit!

Extra Activities:


This is a map of the pedestrian village of Mont Tremblant. Each letter represent a point of interst or an activity that you can enjoy. 



Welcome to Mont Tremblant's Information Centre. This is where we arrive to AND more importantly where we gather to leave.



Take a free ride from the Information Centre to the top of the village, right where we meet to take the panoramic gondola.

Price: FREE


Do you like biking? Rent a bike for 2 hours and explore the area on two wheels!

Price: from $18.49 CAD


Take a big leap with this awe-inspiring and exhilarating zipline tour that will take you to new heights!

This adventure activity includes:

  • The presence of guides at all times

  • All the necessary security equipment

  • Ride to Mont Tremblant summit aboard the panoramic gondola

  • 4 km of thrills along 5 ziplines, the longest in Quebec 

  • Side-by-side ziplines

  • 6 viewing decks

  • An eco-adventure experience where you receive information on the ecology, the region and sustainability ("The natural step")

Price: $129 CAD


As a small replica of Le Géant Golf Course, the mini-golf Le Petit Géant serves up lots of fun for friends and family at a very mini price.

Price: $12.99 CAD


This is where we meet to go UP the mountain, have lunch and continue the adventure!



Skyline Luge is a gravity adventure ride straight from New Zealand. A fun-filled ride on a 3-wheel-cart using a unique braking and steering system that gives the rider full control. 


Price: from $13.09 CAD

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We hope you enjoy your trip. See you soon!!

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