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Canoe Camping 

Itinerary 2017

Arrive to Lac Poisson Blanc at mid-morning and get acquainted with the beauty of the place. We will start our day with a nature hike in an easy trail where beautiful views of the lake await. After getting some exercise we will be ready for lunch by the beach. We will take a break and continue to 'Le Bastion'. This is the park's main house and the last place to purchase essentials that you might have forgotten. We will collect our canoes, paddles and life jackets.


We will start by learning the basics of canoeing in a lake. How should you board the canoe, how to paddle, how to move forward and backward as well as some safety tips. This lesson will be followed by a hands on practice! After you feel ready and confident we will get started! We will put our bags in the canoes and paddle to our camp site, which is located on an island of course!  Do not forget to look around you and be amazed by the beauty of the Canadian natural landscape.

Round Tours will provide you with tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags and other things needed to camp.

After arriving to our island we will start organizing our camp and pitching our tents (if you have never done it, we will show you how to do it, and also help you put it up). At this point you have some free time to go for a swim, chat with friends, play some games (Round Tours will provide cards and frisbees) or simply absorb the tranquility and peacefulness of your surroundings.


Feel like paddling some more? Let's grab the canoe and explore the many picnic  and rest areas in other islands.
In the evening we will start our campfire and begin to cook our dinner. Want some dessert?  We have some but there is a catch! You will have to work a bit to eat it. Learn how to slowly roast marshmallows on the fire to make the most delicious s'mores you have ever eaten!



Itinerary for September 17, 2016

Here is your itinerary:


An escape to the great outdoors brings you closer to life's simple pleasures: disconnect from the data stream, reconnect with the outdoors. Jump on a canoe and paddle to our camp site, located on a beautiful island. Be warmed by the camaraderie around the campfire, gaze at the brilliance of stars and wake to the aromas of a fireside breakfast.​



Meet us at 90 University Private, Ottawa, K1N 6N5. This is a residence building on the University of Ottawa campus [See our map below]. The Ottawa Residences Building is right in front of a big parking lot where our bus will pick us up. Here you will have a chance to gather and get to know your fellow travellers before we set out.




Wake up to the aroma of a fireside breakfast. Sip your coffee or tea and enjoy a quiet and relaxing morning. You can also get up earlier and watch the sun rise. It is an unforgettable experience


After breakfast we will do some more canoeing to get to our next destination, a hiking trail where beautiful views of the lake await.

We will get back to camp in time to prep and cook our lunch. You will have free time to wonder around the island, play sports, go for a swim or relax with a book by the shore. Are you into drawing, water coloring or painting? This might be a good change to start that master piece!

We depart for Ottawa around 3 PM





For your feet: good walking/ hiking shoes and sandals or water shoes

For your body: change of clothing including warm stuff (sweater, hat, long sleeves shirts etc), rain jacket, bathing suit, sun hat

For your skin: bug spray, sunscreen, a towel

Also: Your camera, water bottle, backpack (no suitcases!!!) and your adventurous spirit!

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