Canada Classroom Amazing Trips

When you join Canada Classroom's ESL program you will have the chance to join some amazing trips exploring some of Canada's most famous destinations: Toronto, Niagara Falls and Montreal. 

See what we have prepared for you!

July 13-14. Toronto and Niagara Falls


Toronto is Canada's largest city. Home to 6 million people and an impressive range of museums, tourist attractions, restaurants, shops and much more. Situated on beautiful Lake Ontario, the sky scrapers of the financial district stretch high above the streets and people below and give you breathtaking views.

Niagara Falls is considered by many as the 8th wonder of the world and rightly so. It is a tremendous testimony to our earth’s natural power. The thundering falls are one of Canada’s most beautiful natural formations and a must-see for everybody visiting this country.

 2 days/ 1 night

What's Included?

  • Transportation in Coach Bus

  • Hotel Accommodation in Toronto 

  • Guides and animation

  • Orientation tour of Toronto and Niagara Falls

  • Evening with the sharks at Rippley's Aquarium of Toronto

  • Entry tickets to Toronto's Wonderland (Amusement park)

The trip at a glance

Day 1

7 am- Leave Ottawa Saturday morning and enjoy the ride to Niagara while our guides provide some animation and information about the destination.

Arrive to Niagara Falls and be taken by the wonderful views of this natural wonder. Our guides will take you to the best spots for amazing photographs and will recommend what to do.  We will spend 2-3 hours in Niagara Falls and then continue or way to Toronto. 



4 pm- Depart for Toronto. We will go straight to our hotel, check in and quickly get ready for our next destination.

6 pm- Get on the bus and let's go for dinner in downtown Toronto.  Afterwards tickets to visit Rippley's Aquarium await where you will be immersed into a fantastic underwater world. 



Day 2

8 am-Today we will have breakfast at the hotel, check out and head to downtown Toronto where you will get a guided orientation walk to the center of Canada's largest city.


11 am-Get back on the bus and head to Canada's  Wonderland, Canada's premier amusement park. 

3 pm- After a few hours of thrills, joy and incredible fun we will head back to Ottawa


August 1st. Montreal


Montreal is one of our favorite Canadian cities. A place filled with energy, good vibes and ever interesting festivals, art displays, architecture and lots of history.


You see it in the magnificent inventions being stirred up in restaurant kitchens, walking down the street with incredible urban art lurking in unexpected places. The dual French-English mix adds dynamism to the city as does its unique mash-up of European and North American culture.

Day Trip

What's Included?

  • Transportation in Coach Bus

  • Guides and animation

  • Orientation tour of Toronto Old Montreal

  • Visit to Montreal's Mont Royal Observatory

  • Tickets to La Ronde amusement park

The trip at a glance

Day 1

8 am- Leave Ottawa Thursday morning and enjoy the short ride to Montreal while our guides provide some animation and information about the destination.

10 am- Arrive to Montreal's Mont Royal observatory for superb views of the city. 

What our customers say:


11 am- Around this time we will provide you with a walking orientation tour of Old Montreal where you will be able to absorb the beauty of this city. Later we will go for lunch. 

2 pm- Let's head to La Ronde! This is another incredible amusement park where we will spend the rest of the afternoon.

6 pm- At this time we will board our bus and get back to Ottawa

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